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This book is the outcome of a non-profit project, carried out under the auspices of the following European PRM organizations: UEMS PRM Section & Board, European Society of PRM, and European Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine. A group of highly-motivated leading experts from many countries accepted to be part of this educational project, dedicating considerable time to thoroughly prepare their contribution to this book. This volume represents our small contribution to support basic research capacity in PRM, in order to build a strong future for our scientific field. It is our belief that the two formats of this book - hard copy and electronic copy - are complementary and will benefit from each other. Based on our previous experience with ‘Assessment in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation’ (Maugeri Foundation books), thousands of copies of which were freely distributed in e-version across five continents, we expect that the present book will be read all over the world by a very large number of PRM specialists and trainees.
We thank all who took part in the realization of this material and we wish all you who read it an enjoyable and fruitful reading.
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